Scheer, Aselton know their fantasy

BY Ryan Fowler • October 6, 2011

"The League" began its third season on FX tonight. I recently had the chance to interview Katie Aselton, who plays Jenny, and Paul Scheer, who plays Andre.

Just like Ryan Torain erupting for 135 yards against the Rams last week, when I asked Aselton and Scheer about their sports upbringing, the duo flipped the script.

You see, Aselton grew up the youngest of four New England children. Her brother, the oldest, was 10 when she was born.

“He absolutely burst into tears when my parents called and said it was a girl,” Aselton said. “So, I was sort of raised as if I were a boy. I can throw like a boy. I played little league baseball growing up, then softball, and volleyball. I come from a very athletic family.”

A few hours south, on the North Shore of Long Island, Scheer was raised an only child, but played a variety of intramural and backyard sports with friends.

When I pressed him on how he would grade his athletic ability, his answer was sarcastically blunt, “fair to poor.”

A die-hard Jets fan, Scheer was jacked up when he learned his favorite team took a gamble on Plaxico Burress.

“I’m excited about Plaxico because they need somebody who can defend themselves,” Scheer said. “He comes packing heat, so I always appreciate that.”

He’s also a fan of head coach Rex Ryan.

“I love any man with a good foot fetish,” Scheer said. “He is a coach you want to have. You feel like he’s so no bulls*** type of guy. I loved watching him on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” He was going to town on those pretzel M&Ms. He could be like ‘you’re a bunch of idiots and you’re dumb and you’re … wait a second where are those Doritos?’ I love that.”

Aselton grew up rooting for the Red Sox and Patriots. So, yeah, she’s had it rough. But, no joke, after talking to her for 10 minutes, I truly believe she has a sports IQ comparable to most fantasy football owners.

“I got really into {fantasy football},” Aselton said. “Like obsessively into it. I totally understand why people do it. You’re competing in your favorite sport without ever having to get off your couch. You don’t have to exert any physical energy. You’re just tapping keys on your computer and stressing out about your add/drops.”

She then proceeded to win the cast and crew’s inaugural Super Bowl.

“It was glorious.”

For a guy who nearly passed up his role on “The League” because he wasn’t confident in his NFL and fantasy football lexicon, Scheer impressed even himself the last few seasons.

“The first year I played, I got into the Super Bowl. The second year I played, I got into the Super Bowl. Last year was the first time I set up my own leagues outside of the show. So, I feel like my fantasy football knowledge has grown exponentially.”

As for if his character, a guy who once drafted Keyshawn Johnson years after his retirement, has grown as a fantasy football owner, Scheer believes the “Double Ent-Andre's” haven’t found their Vince Lombardi yet.

“I think Andre is always going to think that he’s ahead of the curve, but he’s not. He’s going to call Tom Brady, Timmy Brady or something. I don’t think Andre has matured as a fantasy owner. He’s trying.”

It’s the constant over-analysis that Aselton thinks hurts male fantasy owners the most when it comes time to set their lineups.

“I maintain the difference between men and woman {when it comes to fantasy football} is men sit and tinker and second guess and go and replace. The girls are more loyal and stick with their guys.”

So, I asked if she thought more woman should participate in fantasy football. Her answer was yes, but it came with a caveat and a bit of advice for all the fantasy widows out there.

“I feel like I’m a little bit of a guy in a way and I don’t want anybody to soil the experience. You have to respect the league. Don’t mock us for enjoying it.”

Preach, Katie, preach.

I bet she started Torain last week.

You can follow Katie @duplaselton and Paul @paulscheer on Twitter.

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