Ronda Rousey's dream fight vs. man? Bring it on, Jon Jones

Published May. 26, 2015 12:33 p.m. ET

During a recent question-and-answer session with fans presented by the Wall Street Journal in Los Angeles, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was asked if there were any male UFC fighter that she'd want to fight, in a dream world. The Rowdy one had her answers ready, though she had different categories based on motivation.

"Does size count? Could we just go from anybody's skills? Like dream match. Skills-wise, I would love to see where I would go with [stripped former light heavyweight champion] Jon Jones," she said.

"Because he's the one that I think is most able to improvise within a match, which is something I really pride myself on. I think we'd do some crazy ninja stuff."

Though Rousey's motivation to test her skills against those of "Bones" was purely about respect and curiosity, the second fighter she named — male bantamweight and boyfriend of Rousey rival Miesha Tate, Bryan Caraway — was all about personal animus. "And then Bryan Caraway is really annoying," she teased.

"It would be fun to beat him up, but plenty of other people have gotten that pleasure before me, apparently."

Rousey was also asked about her future with pro-wrestling promotion WWE, where she recently made an in-ring appearance. After working with The Rock at Wrestlemania this year, Rousey said she loved the experience and had to find a way to do it again.

However, UFC president Dana White has insisted to reporters that her wrasslin' work was a one-and-done deal. At the Wall Street Journal Q&A, Rousey insinuated that White was wrong, but played coy.


"Look, the thing is, would you really want to know?" Rousey said, in response to the question of if she'd work in the WWE again.

"Here's the thing. With the last WrestleMania, what was the coolest part? It's the surprise. So do you really want to know? Maybe this is all part of some plot, to put Dana out there and be like, 'Nope, no way it'll ever happen.' Then make everyone forget about it so later I can just pop up like, 'What? Dana said no.'"

Rousey insisted that she didn't know, at present, if she'd get in the squared circle again. However, even if she did know the answer, she wouldn't let fans know in advance.

"I don't know," she ended.

"That's the cool thing about WWE. You don't know which factors are being put out there because they're real and which ones are being put out there to put you guys off what's really going to happen.

"As an avid wrestling fan myself, I would rather not know. If you knew that Seth Rollins was going to turn on The Shield, would you have wanted to know? No. It would have ruined that moment. As a fan and respecting your fandom, I can't tell you anything."