Prepare for Obsession

Prepare for Obsession

Published Mar. 31, 2011 9:49 p.m. ET

This blog exists for a single reason - there's a deep level of obsession about professional football among several members of the FS Ohio writing staff. It's really at the "concerned glances among our relatives" level, if not the "significant others recommend professional help" level.

One of our number spent nearly a decade working for one of the franchises in the AFC North, while another spent an equivalent amount of time building the only dedicated subscription website and magazine for the team.

We cover a lot of different sports and teams here at Fox Sports Ohio, but NFL football has a special spot in our hearts for a number of us, regardless of how desperately labor problems, unwilling leave of absences and losing records try to scare us away.

So, this blog is for us. And you, hopefully.

- Barry