Outkick the Podcast: Stephen Garcia

BY foxsports • October 24, 2013

Stephen Garcia is one of the most fascinating quarterbacks in SEC history.

Suspended five times, yet capable of leading a team to one of the worst beatings of Nick Saban's Alabama dynasty, Garcia was an enigmatic party man quarterback during his five years in Columbia, South Carolina.

So what's Garcia really like?

And what's the truth behind the mythical and legendary Internet rumors that surrounded him throughout his career?

Did South Carolina coaches really find him drunk with naked girls in his hotel room the night before the 2011 bowl game against Florida State and make him sober up by running on a treadmill? What about keying a professor's car? And why did he get kicked off the 2011 team midway through the season? What's it like to find yourself a football star on an SEC campus at the age of 18?

Garcia tells all in this week's Outkick the Podcast that I think you guys are really going to enjoy.  

Listen to the podcast here. 

So far we've had a great roster of guests on the podcast: Erin Andrews, Cooper Manning, Joe Namath, Phil Fulmer, Ricky Williams, and Dan Wetzel. 

Lots of great guests lined up for the weeks ahead as well. 

And, for the record, Garcia says the girls were in his hotel room after curfew, but it wasn't the night before the game. It was earlier in bowl week. 

And they did have to run on the treadmills. 

Props to Garcia for coming on the podcast and telling us the good and bad of life as an SEC quarterback. 

It's a fascinating listen.