Outkick Is Outkicking National Radio

BY foxsports • September 1, 2016

Get ready, you're all about to be able to hear my voice every morning as soon as you wake up. (And let's be honest, other than my wife, who doesn't want to wake up to my voice?)

Starting this coming Tuesday, the morning after Ole Miss covers against Florida State on Monday night, you'll be able to hear me on 220 radio stations nationwide from 6-9 am eastern. That's because Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis will be the lead in for Dan Patrick nationwide on Fox Spors Radio every weekday. Joining me on the show as our producer will be Jason Martin, who many of you have been reading for a couple of years already on the site. Jason has been at 104.5 the Zone for several years now and is going to be a huge part of the show as well.  

We can't wait to get started and we will be updating which radio stations in your cities and towns will carry the show soon -- and I'll obviously share you a link then -- but in the meantime you can always stream the show online here.

Now, before I get these questions, don't worry, we will continue to do daily Outkick the Shows on Periscope and Facebook Live -- we'll do more live football reaction shows than you can possibly imagine starting tonight after Appalachian State-Tennessee and Vandy-South Carolina and I'll continue to write here on Outkick just as I've been doing for the past five years. 

All this means is that Outkick is about to dominate a new form of media. Books, live shows online, radio, the Internet, TV, I'm the hardest working person in sports media.   

So why national radio now? 

It has been two years since I walked away from 3HL here in Nashville. We've been doing Outkick the Show on Periscope and Facebook Live for nearly a year and that's already the most successful daily sports show on either medium and I think it will continue to grow rapidly. But I do miss the fun of live radio. Particularly interacting with the callers and the challenge of being entertaining for three hours every day.

Plus, my wife tells me there are lots of people who would love or hate me that still don't know I exist yet.

Can you believe that?

The biggest challenge will be getting up every morning, but that's been my biggest challenge since I hit puberty so I thought #dbap. Plus, my three kids already wake up at dawn anyway; this way I won't ever have to change my youngest son's diaper in the morning.

See, always thinking. 

Most importantly, this decision lets me limit how much I'm traveling all year and allows me to continue to grow Outkick's brand from right here in Nashville, my hometown. My wife and kids are happy here and Nashville is continuing to expand as a major media hub in its own right. Moreover, I believe that everything we're doing at Outkick is allowing us to grow pretty rapidly as a major multimedia presence: Outkick's national radio show, the live shows on Periscope and Facebook, our website, and my TV hits with FS1 all feed off of each other and everything surges together.

But the most important ingredient to all of this remains you guys.

When I started writing online in 2004 I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams what it would be like to have a thousand people reading or listening to what I said every day.

Now every single day we have millions.

We've done this all without spending a single dollar in advertising, it's all word of mouth and it's all because you guys have shared our stories and our shows and our Tweets. The Outkick Army is strong.   

Now you've got a new show to share and I can't wait to get started.  

So go ahead and adjust your morning media schedules, we're having breakfast together for the foreseeable future. 

And now let's all go get rich on college football gambling.

Hope to see some of y'all tonight at South Carolina-Vandy.