One-on-one with USC's Khaled Holmes

BY foxsports • July 23, 2012

Khaled Holmes entered USC as an offensive guard in 2008 before being moved to center last season. Now he’s on the Rimington Trophy Watch List heading into the 2012 season. The award, presented at the conclusion of the college football season, is for the nation’s best center.

Holmes is one of many to travel through the long pipeline from Mater Dei to USC, which also includes one of Holmes’ best friends, Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley. He's also a tech enthusiast who helped with the concept and design input for the PROJECT TRO7AN app that will be released soon. We went one-on-one with him after a recent workout.

FOX Sports West: Who would you say you’re closest with on the team?

Khaled Holmes: I’d probably say Matt (Barkley), given that I’ve known him for so long and we lived together freshman year. We were neighbors for two years and and we’re neighbors now. I’ve known Matt forever, so probably Matt.

FSW: What’s the most difficult thing about playing your position?

KH: Coming from guard, probably just getting used to snapping and stepping at the same time. That’s probably the biggest thing you have to work on at center.

FSW: You talk about how close you and Matt are. What’s the relationship have to be like between quarterback and center?

KH: I think it helps to be good friends. It helps to be close, you know, just for that extra chemistry that you want to have there (to) be on the same page with timing and things of that nature.

FSW: What’s the significance of your uniform number?

KH: I was 78 at Mater Dei because of (former USC offensive guard) Lenny Vandermade.  He was one of the all-time greats at our high school so I was fortunate enough to be honored with being able to wear that there and, obviously, he wore that here as well and he’s a good friend ever since high school so I’ve always loved that number.

FSW: What’s your favorite food?

KH: Whatever my mom’s cooking.

FSW: Do you cook?

KH: I don’t. No. Not often. I made some eggs this weekend though. Eggs and bacon.

FSW: When you’re not playing football, what are you doing?

KH: Relaxing. I spend a lot of time online reading tech blogs and things of that nature --- computer stuff, tech crimes, gadget, apple websites. I just try to keep up to date with all the technology that’s coming.

FSW: Are you a connoisseur of gadgets?

KH: I’d like to think so. I’m really interested in it and I enjoy reading up on the newest stuff and keeping up to date. Matt and I actually share that passion.

FSW: What’s the coolest thing you have?

KH: Probably just my phone. Those iPhones and iPad’s are incredible. They’re great devices. It’s hard to say. There’s a bunch of cool stuff.

FSW: What’s your favorite app?

KH: Probably gotta say …biteSMS. It lets you text quickly and reply to texts without leaving apps.

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