Ole Miss Girl Hates LSU

Ole Miss Girl Hates LSU

Published Oct. 26, 2014 1:04 p.m. ET

SEC football is the most entertaining sport in America because of videos like this. Ole Miss, masterfully snatching defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to the disastrous play of quarterback Bo Wallace, has just lost to LSU. The boyfriend/husband, an LSU fan, potentially soon to be broken up with, divorced or murdered in his sleep, exults in the sweet glow of victory. His girlfriend? Well, she hates LSU. 

With that prelude, enjoy. 


Outkick talked with Ashley, the Ole Miss fan in the video this evening. (You can find Ashley on Twitter here.) She told us that while she didn't attend Ole Miss she's a native of Natchez, Mississippi and a life long Rebel fan. She said that as a result of growing up on the border with Louisiana she hated LSU more than any other SEC team, even Mississippi State. As if the LSU hate wasn't bad enough, Ashley recently moved to Baton Rouge four months ago and lives with her boyfriend there. The video is from inside their house. 


Last night her boyfriend had around 30 LSU fans over to watch the game and Ashley was the only Ole Miss fan. "I think I had a little bit too much to drink," Ashely said. As a result, in a time honored tradition of SEC house parties everywhere, she "went to sleep" at halftime with Ole Miss leading 7-3. 

She woke up at the end of the game to her boyfriend humming the LSU Tiger fight song. The LSU fans in the house were also giving her a rough time and her anger got the better of her, resulting in a video reaction to Ole Miss's loss that has now gone viral.

Asked about slamming the milk on the counter -- the most sterling reaction shot of many -- Ashley says the milk was left out because they were mixing shots of Kahlua, milk, coffee creamer and vodka. 

"Oh, it was all real," Ashley said, "I woke up crying this morning too." 

At around eight this morning Ashley's boyfriend posted her reaction to Ole Miss's loss to YouTube. At last count the video had over 120,000 views today. Ashley's mom -- posting below in the Outkick comments -- didn't think the video was as funny as everyone else did. "My mom didn't think it was so great," Ashley said. 

Asked her opinion of Bo Wallace, Ashley sighed and then said, "I'm not very happy with him. The whole Good Bo vs. Bad Bo thing is very accurate. Last night he was bad Bo." But Ashley still feels good about the Rebels chances against Auburn, "I think we'll pull through," she said. 

As for whether her one-year relationship with her boyfriend will survive an SEC house divided, Ashley said, "We're still together. I didn't break up with him or anything. I really do hate LSU though." 

In closing, Ashley asked if she could take a shot at LSU fans. I told her of course. "One of the reasons I was crying," she said, "was also because I had 30 LSU fans in my house and I really hate the smell of corndogs."