Nowitzki bobblehead travels to new heights

Nowitzki bobblehead travels to new heights

Published Jan. 15, 2013 2:18 p.m. ET

Dirk Nowitzki is taking his game to new heights.

As in, outer space.

The Dallas Mavericks, always on the cutting edge of viral videos, released their latest clip on Tuesday in which a bobblehead version of the Mavericks superstar is launched by balloon to see just how high he can fly. The entire event is captured on video.

The result is simply breathtaking as you watch the bobblehead travel all the way into space.

The video is another home run for the Mavericks, who are always finding creative ways to keep their team at the center of attention.

"I initially came up with the idea in the offseason after seeing a credit card commercial that just sent a camera up into near space," said Mavericks Creative Director Cash Sirois. "Some over viral videos sent up little model trains or a little robot. Why not a bobblehead?"

Once the idea was approved by owner Mark Cuban and the marketing team, it was time to go to work to figure out just how to get this little Dirk out of the atmosphere.

"We brought in some solid Mavs fans in a local company called Orbital Machine Works that helped us with the plan and construction," Sirois said.

The launch occurred in the small Texas town of Cleburne, an hour southwest of Dallas. Besides capturing the flight, the team also documented a behind-the-scenes effort which captured the team tracking down the bobblehead and cameras after they returned to Earth.

"The bobblehead landed almost 40 miles away from the launch spot," Sirois said.

So what did Dirk think of his flight into space? We'll have to wait of find out after the Mavericks debut the video during an upcoming home game because Nowitzki has yet to see the clip.

"Dirk has not seen the video yet, so he'll find out just how high the little guy could get right along with the rest of you," Sirois said.