Not only are the Royals on fire, their billboard is, too

Not only are the Royals on fire, their billboard is, too

Published Feb. 2, 2015 6:35 p.m. ET

Poor billboards. As the Kansas City Royals keep getting better, the damage they inflict on their highway signs just keeps getting worse. To the point that now they're on fire.

Or so it appears.

Two years ago, signs on opposite sides of Interstate 35 showed a pitch from James Shields (on one side of the road) tearing through the billboard vinyl on its way toward Sal Perez's glove (on the other side). Last year, coming off the Royals' first winning season in a decade, an Alex Gordon slide practically ripped the billboard apart.

And now, in the wake of the Royals' first American League pennant-winning season in 29 years, Jarrod Dyson literally blazes a trail across this year's sign.


It's a tribute to the team's emphasis on speed, both on the bases and in the field. And it's there for you to gawk at as you drive south on I-35 just west of Cambridge Circle in Kansas City, Kan.

Forever Royal: It's the Royals' new advertising campaign. The Dyson billboard spreads the word to Kansas City commuters who might not have seen the ad that ran during the Super Bowl broadcast.

One can only wonder what fate next year's billboard will suffer if the Royals win the World Series.