New Jordan Jefferson Video Emerges: Was He Really Kicker?

August 31, 2011

SEC message boards are zany, wild, and crazy places. No message board is crazier than, the LSU destination of choice for conspiracy theories, ridicule, and often great humor. OKTC gets email tips from TigerDroppings posters about ten times a week. Most of the time I read the threads, laugh a few times, and then move on to something else. But late last night we got a series of tips claiming that there was video that proves Jordan Jefferson is not the kicker in the bar fight.

The theory relies upon a couple of pieces of evidence that you can see posted here.

I've linked three videos below to allow you to make your own determination. It certainly appears clear that Jefferson and the kicker were dressed differently.

Inexplicably, Fox 8 Baton Rouge doesn't have a good version of their report presently up on the website. So I'm using the YouTube version of the Fox 8 report that was posted on I've emailed the reporter who broke the video from inside the bar to ask her for a better version of her initial report and will update if and when that report arrives. Until then, watch this version. 


Yes, that's a dog barking.  

In this video you can see the Marine, Andrew Lowery, shoving the woman who would take out the restraining order against him and you can also see Jordan Jefferson enter the bar wearing a light colored shirt. Also...sunglasses. At night.

Hey, it's LSU.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, a previous video that allegedly showed the scene outside Shady's Bar was too damn dark to see much. But this is purportedly a cleaned up version of that same video. The kicker is clearly wearing a dark shirt.

I've reached out to the man who posted this video on YouTube to hear more about his techniques to get more light in this video, but it seems to be the same video as this one, only with enhanced visibility.

You can judge for yourselves.

 Here is the original video that was posted of the fight.

What do y'all think?

Seems like a pretty persuasive case can be made that the Baton Rouge police got the wrong guy.

Now, caveats are in order, could Jefferson have had on a different shirt? Yes. Could there have been more than one kicker? Yes. Keep in mind there is still an eyewitness that claims Jefferson kicked Andrew Lowery. But none of this has stopped Jefferson's new attorney from requesting that his client be reinstated based on this video evidence.

I happen to think the new attorney has a pretty good case that Jefferson has been wrongly charged. And, by the way, none of this even considers how a jury would respond to video of the purported victim drunkenly shoving his girlfriend in the bar on the night of the fight.

This is Louisiana, Marine or not, abusing women ain't playing well with the locals.

It also raises a further intriguing question, could the actual kicker be playing for LSU on Saturday? Seems likely. Could some players who are viewing this video even be able to tell who this player actually was? Perhaps. The neverending LSU bar fight story just got a few added layers of complexity.