NBA Rumors & Draft News, Day 2

NBA Rumors & Draft News, Day 2

Published Jun. 5, 2012 6:11 p.m. ET

the talk about the Cavaliers revolves around their No. 4 draft pick. Makes
sense, because with a top-five overall pick, they can’t really afford to miss.

There will be plenty of time to break down what the Cavs might do with their
highest and most important selection. For now, let’s focus on No. 24.

It is, after all, considered valuable. The Cavs traded no less than Ramon
Sessions (to the Lakers) to obtain the pick — and all Sessions did was start
next to Kobe Bryant in LA’s backcourt.

On top of dealing Sessions, the Cavs are highly likely to be without free-agent
starters Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker come training camp. So they’ll need
more than just bodies. They’ll need actual contributors.

In other words, No. 24 is as significant to the Cavs as No. 15 or 16 is to a
lot of teams. The good news is, help can be found at 24 (and beyond). Heck, one
of the most impressive rookies of this past season was selected 60th — or with
the final pick in the entire draft — in Kings guard Isaiah Thomas.

Here’s the past 10 players selected 24thoverall:

2011 – Reggie Jackson, G, Thunder. Minor contributor playing behind
All-Star Russell Westbrook.

2010 – Damion James, SF, Hawks. Has played in just 32 games over two
seasons, both with Nets.

2009 – Byron Mullens, C, Mavericks. Made big strides this season with
Bobcats after two forgettable years with Thunder.

2008 – Serge Ibaka, PF, Thunder. Starts and swats shots on perhaps best
team in West.

2007 – Rudy Fernandez, G, Spain. Never really lived up to hype, but not
bad, either.

2006 – Kyle Lowry, PG, Grizzlies. One of league’s most underrated point
guards with Rockets. Cavs signed him, but offer was matched.

2005 – Luther Head, G, Rockets. Deron Williams’ college teammate had a
couple decent seasons, but that’s about it.

2004 – Delonte West, G, Celtics. Occasional personal issues aside,
ex-Cav a viable starter who helps win games.

2003 – Brian Cook, F, Lakers. Started off OK, but has quickly gone
downhill since ’06.

2002 – Nenad Kristic, C, Nets. Really came into his own with Thunder.
Then traded to Celtics and eventually returned overseas.

Other notable 24th overall picks include Latrell Sprewell, Derek Fisher, Sam
Cassell, Arvydas Sabonis, Rick Fox, Andrei Kirilenko and Terry Porter.

So, occasionally gems can be found with the No. 24 pick. The Cavs hope that
will be the case in the upcoming draft.

Cavs Questions

Answers to a few questions asked on Twitter:

From @KBMBA2012: “Since Cavs own Alonzo Gee’s rights,
can they sign and trade him for a draft pick right now?”

A: In short, teams can make trades when their season has ended, but
cannot trade players whose contracts have expired until the free-agency period
in July. So, no.

From @ClevelandMatt: “What has to happen for Gee to
not come back? Seems like a foregone conclusion Cavs will bring him back and
pay him well!”

A: It’s entirely up in the air. My guess is he’ll be back, but a lot
depends on what happens in the draft and what type of offers he receives from
other teams.

From @MaxSheridan24: “When do Cavs have to decide on
picking up Boobie Gibson’s option?”

A: I believe any time between now and the start of next season, but
after exhaustive research, I can tell you the rules are still fairly unclear to
me. That said, I’m sure we’ll know by September.

Double Dribbles

— Kentucky swingman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has staged multiple workouts in
Cleveland. There’s been talk that the Cavs are actually Kidd-Gilchrist’s
preferred team. “If true, that’s too bad for him, because I doubt he winds up
there,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “Can’t imagine the Bobcats or
Wizards will let him slide to fourth.”

— Talk around the league is the Grizzlies are shopping small forward Rudy Gay.
They seem to want a lottery pick in return. Obviously, they’d have to take back
some salary, too. "He won't be an easy move," one team executive said.
"It's hard to imagine them getting back what they want for him, based on
what I'm hearing."

— Hornets guard Eric Gordon is a restricted free agent, but attended a workout
involving draft prospects anyway. As one GM indicated, it’s a pretty good
indication that Gordon will re-sign with the team. Especially since the Hornets
are about to draft Kentucky star Anthony Davis with the No. 1 overall pick.
They also own the 10th pick.

— The players in that Hornets workout: John Henson and Tyler Zeller (North
Carolina); Arnett Moultrie (Mississippi State); Terrence Jones (Kentucky);
Austin Rivers (Duke); Terrence Ross (Washington); Terrell Stoglin (Maryland);
and Jeremy Lamb (Connecticut).

— The only school to have six players selected in the same draft? UNLV in
1977. Kentucky expects to tie that record this summer with Davis,
Kidd-Gilchrist, Jones, Marquis Teague, Darius Miller and Doron Lamb.

— At least one son of a former NBA player has been selected in each of the
past nine drafts. Rivers will make it 10 in a row this year.

— Finally, the NBA Draft Combine begins Wednesday in Chicago. Players will not
scrimmage, but will be put through a battery of drills and interviews. See my blog for a complete list of participants.

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