More time in the pocket means better throws for Romo

More time in the pocket means better throws for Romo

Published Sep. 25, 2013 9:47 p.m. ET

IRVING, Texas – Through three games, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has thrown just one interception in 115 passing attempts.

He's been able to protect the ball, and produce a 103.9 QB rating, because he's making fewer throws under pressure thanks to a retooled offensive line.

"I'm having a little bit more time in the pocket, which means you're not throwing as many balls under duress during football games," Romo said Wednesday at Valley Ranch. "That's an important aspect for the quarterback."

Romo has lost one fumble, but he's been sacked just six times. The Cowboys have sacked their opponents more than double that – 13 times.

"You're seeing some other teams across the league go through that [turnover issue] a little bit with some pretty good quarterbacks who just are having half-a-second less time to make their decisions," Romo said. "It's a tough game as it is."

The Cowboys have also broken out to quick leads this season, after constantly falling behind early in 2012. Having a lead also leads to safer throws.

"If you're throwing 50 balls and 25 of them are under duress, it's just bound to have negative effects throughout football games," Romo said. "When you're trailing like we have been in the past, things of that nature, for any quarterback, it happens across the league every week.

"The less times you have to make reactionary throws under duress, the better chance your football team's going to have to win the turnover battle."

It also helps to be healthy. Romo said by Sunday's game at San Diego he should be fully recovered by a rib injury suffered in the season opener.

"I feel good," Romo said. "I should be 100 percent this week, I think, for this game. It should be fun."

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