Manziel not done with Twitter after all

Manziel not done with Twitter after all

Published Apr. 12, 2013 11:25 a.m. ET

It was March 27 when Johnny Manziel said he was quitting Twitter. He'd had enough of the drama and the distractions and it was time for the Heisman winner to take care of himself.

Well, Manziel fell off the wagon Thursday night. And he fell hard, uncorking 49 tweets within the span of just a couple hours. Most of them were replies to other people. One accused him of being drunk, to which he replied "false." Another said it was "bout time" he returned to Twitter, to which he responded, "I'm back for good."

You'll recall the event that prompted Manziel to step away was a Twitter hack. Somebody tweeted some insulting remarks about Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft through Manziel's account, and of course Manziel caught the fallout. The guy who did it even wrote a blog post congratulating himself for proving some kind of point about social media. So that was it. Manziel was done.

For 16 days.