Kansas Jayhawks goalposts get dumped in lake amid Royals World Series celebrations

November 2, 2015

Celebrations for the Kansas City Royals' World Series title spilled into the state of Kansas early Monday and onto the University of Kansas' Memorial Stadium where students tore down goalposts and deposited them in a lake.

Kansas University associate athletic director Jim Marchiony found some humor in the incident but overall the gesture and roughly $10,000 in damage (gate and goalposts) was not appreciated.

"I thought the slogan was 'Take the Crown' not 'Take the Goal Post,'" Marchiony told the Lawrence Journal-World. "We're all thrilled about how the Royals have played all year and we're excited that they won the World Series. I just wish that some folks had chosen to celebrate in a different way."

Meantime, order has been restored at Memorial Stadium.


[H/T Complex]

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