Josh Stewart ready to lead Oklahoma State offense

BY foxsports • July 22, 2013

DALLAS -- Josh Stewart became a star wide receiver for Oklahoma State in 2012 after racking more than 1,200 yards in his sophomore season. This season, after being tabbed as the best returning receiver in the Big 12, the Cowboys junior is ready to lead his team offensively.

"It means a lot being the best returning receiver because the Big 12 is a powerful offense division, and has a lot of great receivers come out of there all the time," Stewart said during the Big 12 Media Days on Monday. "It is good to be named the leader."

Stewart isn't the only name on the roster that will be catching passes for Oklahoma State this season. Tracy Moore, coming back for his fifth season, and Charlie Moore, who is coming off a breakout year, will be doing what they can to make life difficult for opposing defenses with their big-play ability.

"We have receivers everywhere that can make plays. Whether that is in my hands or anyone else's hand, we will be fine," Stewart said. "Everyone brings their own little thing to the table offensively, that's what makes it so difficult for defenses and I can't imagine trying to game plan against that."

With such a potent offense at its disposal this season, Oklahoma State has been crowned the preseason favorites to win the Big 12 title. Stewart, however, was not surprised his team was given the honors, and knows that there is still a season to be played prior to actually winning anything.

"We knew we had a lot of talent, it is just putting it to use on the field and not getting big-headed and realizing we still have to work for what we get, it won't just come to us," Stewart said. "The other teams out there will be trying to beat us really bad, so we just got to flip the script on teams that have a target on us and have a target on them."

Of course, Oklahoma State is wanting more than just a Big 12 Championship, they are starting this season with national championships dream as well.

So what will it take for the Cowboys to be playing at the Rose Bowl for the BCS National Championship Trophy in January?

Just listen to their coaches according to Stewart.

"Understanding what we have at stake, our athleticism is the most we have ever had in OSU's program. All we have to do is be coachable, we have one of the best coaching staffs in the business," Stewart said. "I don't see why this season wouldn't turn out like we want to and that is be Big 12 champs with a national championship."