Jerry Jones: Owner... General Manager... Cheerleader?

Jerry Jones: Owner... General Manager... Cheerleader?

Published Oct. 29, 2014 6:39 p.m. ET

By now, we are all aware that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made his way down to the sidelines Monday night when his star quarterback went down with a back injury.

Jones has made it very clear that he was not down there to tell head coach Jason Garrett that he had to put Tony Romo back in the game against Washington and that he was just informing him of the situation.

As the national television cameras caught the owner on the field and internet speculation began to erupt that Jones was inserting himself into a situation that should be decided by doctors and coaches, Jones expressed that the real reason had more to do with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders then the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff.

"Number one, I wanted to go down there and do what I could, look our guys in the eye, look at them, inspire them to overcome Romo not being out there and overcome what I thought was a critical time," Jones said Thursday on Dallas radio station 105.3FM-The Fan. "First of all, I've been down there hundreds of ball games. Everyone that follows it has certainly seen it, either criticized it or whatever or lived with it."


The "Inspirational" Jerry Jones did not see why his sideline visit was such a big deal, even turning the situation on other owners in the NFL.

"Secondly, if you look around this league, you'll see owners, I noticed Bob McNair down there during the entire, almost first half when we played Houston," Jones said. "But you'll see owners all the time on the sideline. I'm not going to say all the time, you'll see certain owners down there a lot. But that's from that standpoint. I know for a fact you see a lot of management people on the sideline."

Sure, you see owners on the sidelines all the time, but you don't see owner getting interviewed live during the game from their stadium suite or being featured in the television promos leading up to the game.

But, that's just Jerry being Jerry...and as Dallas Cowboys fans have grown accustomed to, don't expect the owner to change anytime soon.

"It's just not an issue. I've always felt that seeing the attitude, seeing what's going on, getting the pulse, looking at who's in to it, looking at how they're into it, looking at how they're reacting on the sideline, all of that is just part of understanding the team, getting to be a better decision-maker," Jones said.