If the NFL doesn't work out for Margus Hunt, there's always kiiking

BY foxsports • April 26, 2013

Stories will soon be flooding in about Margus Hunt. The Estonian strongman will soon be taking his 6-foot-8, 277-pound frame to the Cincinnati Bengals, who drafted him 53rd overall on Friday. He is best known as an epic kick blocker. He swatted 17 at SMU. Before playing SMU this season, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin stated, “You’re about to see the greatest PAT/field goal blocker of all-time.” But what you may not know is that his home country has an awesome sports heritage. In 1996, Estonia invented a sport called kiiking. It involves fastening yourself to an enormous standing steel swing The obje -- you know what, why don't you just see for yourself:

Amazing. So how do you win at kiiking? Have the longest swing, and get around the circle. Details on rules are sketchy, but it appears that it functions much like the high jump or pole vault -- once you achieve a full circle at a certain height, you can up the ante a bit. Let's all hope this is the replacement for wrestling at the Olympics. The push has officially begun. We wish Margus all the best in The League, but if he ends up kiiking, we're just fine with that too.

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