ICYMI: The Glove's Top 3

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 1:18 p.m. EST

In a feature interview for our show, LeBron James was asked who he'd rank as the 3 best all-time NBA players.  LeBron listed MJ, Dr. J, and Bird (with Magic as a fourth).  Based on that, the Glove was asked who he'd list on his 3 best ever.

Now, the Glove went against some of the best and toughest to guard ever--from Magic and John Stockton, to Allen Iverson and of course Michael Jordan.  It's safe to say he has a pretty good perspective of quality basketball talent.  Plus, he had an on-hand account of defending the consensus greatest basketball player the game ever saw, in MJ.  Yet Gary DID NOT list Jordan among who he believes is the best in the history of the game.