I hope this doesn't get me fired.

I hope this doesn't get me fired.

Published Oct. 23, 2014 1:53 a.m. ET

Rob Neyer is my boss. He is the godfather of JABO and I have very gratefully been adopted into this family. But Rob Neyer got this one wrong.

During Game 2 of the World Series, Rob penned this Baseball Joe questioning Ned Yost's decision to leave Kelvin Herrera in to pitch the seventh inning with the Royals leading the Giants 7-2. Rob's suggestion was to remove Herrera in order to save his arm after throwing just nine pitches to finish off the sixth inning. Jason Frasor was the suggested replacement.

In my opinion, Frasor has been underappreciated this postseason and is more than capable of holding that lead. But this is the postseason. A five-run lead when you're down one game to none is the equivalent of a two-run lead when running your bullpen. Especially when you consider the day off on Thursday.

Ned Yost made the right move by running his horses out there to finish off this game and secure the win. He had been so conservative all season with his usage of Herrera, Davis and Holland that now is the time to overuse them just a little; they've been prepared for it.


Herrera completed the seventh inning and threw a total of 32 pitches. With the day off he'll be good for Game 3 and beyond. Ned Yost used the old cliche before Game 2 "one game at a time." He'll manage that way, and rightfully so. Ned Yost has taken a lot of criticism from many of us on his bullpen usage, but this time he nailed it.

I concede to Rob that my usage of commas still needs work, but use of relievers is right in my wheelhouse.

If Herrera pitches in Games 3 and 4 and the Royals need him in Game 5, I have a feeling a rebuttal is coming my way. I'm just hoping it's not a pink slip.