Hoyer says next year is 'far removed from mind'

BY foxsports • December 8, 2014

BEREA, Ohio -- Brian Hoyer is still trying to shake off the sting of the 25-24 loss to the Colts on Sunday. He wasn't ready to discuss his long-term future with the Browns.

ESPN reported Sunday morning that Hoyer likely will not return to the Browns if the team doesn't make the playoffs.

"That is so far removed from my mind," Hoyer said Monday. "Right now, getting over (Sunday's loss) and moving on to Cincinnati. It's crazy how fast things change.

"Four or five weeks ago we were talking about contract talks and now we're talking about if I'm even staying here," Hoyer said. "It's the furthest thing from my mind right now."

The task at hand for Hoyer is trying to right the ship of the Browns offense that has fallen flat on its face the past several games.

"Just try and focus on what I can control now," he said. "It's on to Cincinnati just try to focus on what I can control and at this point now it's on to Cincinnati and preparing for them.

"Everything else will take care of itself," Hoyer said. "I'm a believer that things happen for a reason - it's the only way I've survived in this profession is hoping that things will take care of themselves and an opportunity will come along. so I'll always have that mindset."

However, Hoyer doesn't know if he will continue to get the chance with the Browns. Hoyer said he hasn't heard anything from Mike Pettine, whether or not he will continue to be the starting quarterback.

"I haven't been told any different," Hoyer said. "I'll prepare the same way. That's his decision and I respect his decision. For me, I just have to keep the same mentality. It's about being mentally tough and if anything, I think I've proven that I can handle that. I keep the same attitude and prepare the same way."

Hoyer has thrown eight interceptions in the last four games and only one touchdown. His rating has dropped to 76.4, which is 31st in the NFL among quarterbacks. He leads only Josh McCown, Blake Bortles and Geno Smith. Hoyer said he doesn't think he's doing anything differently, but just the way it goes in the NFL.

"I think it's just that," Hoyer said. "I'm not playing any differently. I'm not playing with a different mindset. I'm just going out and trying to see the defense and react. I can't pinpoint one certain thing."

Hoyer led the Browns on just one touchdown drive, near the end of the first half. He finished just 14-of-31 for 140 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. His rating was a dismal 31.7.

"I saw missed opportunities," he said. "I knew they were going to be there. There was a missed throw or a dropped ball, a missed block or whatever it was, when you play a team that good you just can't afford to not basically play almost perfect and we were far from it all across the board.

"You just have to be more consistent and when you lose a close game like that, you critique every play and wonder what would've happened on this one and it's hard not to do the would've, should've, could've," he said. "You look at it and there were opportunities there and it's disappointing."

Hoyer said two plays stand out in his mind.

"Overthrowing (Taylor) Gabriel on the one, but we scored after that one," he said. "The other one on the sideline with Josh it's right on his finger tips and you wish you'd connect on that one. There's so many if they go our way, it's a different story, but those two kind of stand out in my mind in terms of plays that could've changed the game."

Hoyer was asked about the deep throw on the final drive that Gordon couldn't hang on to that would've given the Browns a chance to win the game.

"We felt (bad) because we had opportunities," he said. "You talk about that one throw, there's chances to win the game, so like I said, it's disappointing."

Hoyer was asked what can be done to get the offense back on track.

"Just go out and be consistent, and have everybody doing their job and like I said, you don't want a game where 10 guys are doing their job and one guy's not and then you're waiting for someone to make a play," he said. "You want to go out and from the get-go have everyone be on the same page and firing on all cylinders.

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