HELP! Where's My Game?

HELP! Where's My Game?

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 10:56 p.m. ET

Don't panic! We're here to help. Use these steps to find where on your system the game may be playing, or to alert us to potential problems.

STEP 1: Check our channel listings for your area (FSO / STO) to make sure that the game is scheduled to play in your part of the state. Note that the game may be on an "alternate channel" in the case that two games are on at the same time. You may also want to check our Programming Notes for more information on which games are available in on your system. You can also follow our Twitter feed and Facebook page for last-minute updates.

STEP 2: If the game is on in your area, check the Channel Finder (STO / FSO) to find where the main and alternate channels are for your television provider.

STEP 3: Alright, the game is being played in your area and you found the channel number via the channel finder. If the game is not where you expect it to be, you may want to contact your service provider to see if they are having issues.


STEP 4: Still no luck? Then fill out the form below to notify us about the situation.

Direct TV & Dish Customers: We make a 24/7 FOX Sports Ohio HD feed available to all program providers, including Dish Network and Direct TV. Due to Dish and Direct TV's capacity constraints, however, the number of events they can distribute in HD is sometimes limited. As a result, Dish and Direct TV does not televise all FSOhio events in HD on certain nights or joins events in progress when HD space becomes available on their system.  We hope this information addresses your concern. 


What is a FS Ohio alternate game? 

When two live events are scheduled to air at the same time or within close proximity on FS Ohio, one of the events is provided to FS Ohio affiliates on an alternate channel. Due to technical limitations, some affiliates do not carry FS Ohio alternate games via an alternate channel.  

Where can I find the channel location of a FS Ohio alternate game?
Your cable company or satellite provider will determine the channel location of FS Ohio SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) alternate games. To find the FS Ohio alternate channel number listings for your provider use the FSOhio channel finder.

Also, please consult your on-screen menu as channel locations frequently change, or call your service provider regarding availability and location of FS Ohio alternate games. We will continue to post channel information on our website whenever available.

Do Direct TV and DISH Network carry the FS Ohio alternate games?

Currently, due to technical limitations during the NBA, NHL and NCAA seasons, neither Direct TV nor DISH Network can carry all FS Ohio alternate games. Check out Dish Network Game Finder for games in your area. 

Do Direct TV and DISH Network carry the FS Ohio alternate games in HD?

Currently, due to technical limitations during the NBA, NHL and NCAA seasons, neither Direct TV nor DISH Network can carry all FS Ohio alternate games in HD. However, FS Ohio’s primary channel is delivered 24/7 in HD.

What is the difference between FS Ohio and FS Cincinnati?

Satellite subscribers in the Cleveland area receive their programming through FS Ohio (DISH Network channel 425/Direct TV channel 660). 

Satellite subscribers in Southwest OH and KY areas receive their programming through FS Cincinnati (DISH Network channel 427/Direct TV channel 661).

(FS Ohio is not FS Cincinnati’s alternate channel nor is FS Cincinnati FS Ohio’s alternate channel)

I live outside of FS Ohio’s regional viewing area and the pro team games are blacked out. Can I still get FS Ohio and how can I see these blacked out games?

Due to professional league blackout rules, professional games will not be available on FS Ohio. A subscription to MLB Extra Innings is required to see the Cincinnati Reds, NBA League Pass for the Cleveland Cavaliers and NHL Center Ice for the Columbus Blue Jackets broadcasts outside the regional viewing area. Please contact your cable or satellite provider regarding the availability of these packages.

For more satellite black out information.  Click here