Grunewald DQ'd in USA Indoor women's 3,000

Grunewald DQ'd in USA Indoor women's 3,000

Published Feb. 23, 2014 4:19 p.m. ET

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) Hours after winning the women's 3,000 meters the USA Indoor Track & Field Championships, Gabe Grunewald was disqualified for jostling another runner during the final lap.

That gave the gold medal to Shannon Rowbury. She finished in 9 minutes, 25.49 seconds Saturday.

''A review of the official's report by the women's running head referee and subsequently by the jury of appeal led to a ruling of no infraction,'' USA Track & Field said in a statement Sunday. ''The jury of appeal then reviewed additional video evidence and reversed their initial ruling, disqualifying Grunewald for a field-of-play infraction impeding Jordan Hasay.''

Grunewald said the contact with Hasey, who originally finished fourth, was inadvertent.


''Jordan and I were both making a move,'' Grunewald said. ''I was planning on following her then she slowed down. So I tried to go around her and there was some contact. It wasn't purposeful on my part it just gets really tight on the turn. I was going really fast.''

Grunewald finished in 9:23.15.