Gregg Williams maintains that BountyGate wasn't meant to injure players

BY foxsports • July 25, 2015

By Vincent Frank

Current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will likely deny most of what happened during Bountygate until his dying breath. Three years after Williams and the Saints were thrown the NFL equivalent of the “death penalty,” the respected defensive mind is still denying that the bounty program was meant to purposely inflict injury on opposing players.

“One of the things was it was on my watch, but there was nothing that hasn’t been done in the last 50 years in the sport and there was nothing done to try to hurt somebody,” Williams said on KMOX radio in St. Louis this week (h/t Pro Football Talk). “There was never done with anybody trying to injure somebody.”

It’s sad that Williams can’t step up to the plate and accept responsibility. He’s on record (strong language) telling his former Saints players to purposely injure members of the San Francisco 49ers prior to a playoff game in January of 2012. That’s evidence Williams himself cannot deny.

The NFL has moved on. Other teams have moved on. Why can’t Williams just let it go? He made a mistake. Maybe it’s time to own up to everything. Until then, he will continue being a mockery to those around the football field. That’s the cold, hard truth.

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