Granger gets his touch back

January 13, 2012

 It took 10 games, but Danny Granger has finally found his shooting stroke for the Pacers.
Granger had his best game of the season when he scored 24 points on 9-of-16 shooting during Indiana's 96-84 victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday.
"It was good to finally get it going," Granger said.
Granger needed a breakout game because his shooting has been atrocious for most of the season.
He went into the Atlanta game shooting a career-low 31 percent from the field.
"Danny's not shooting it well," Pacers president Larry Bird said. "I don't think he had a good training camp at all. He's not in rhythm, but there are other things that can be done out there. You can rebound, you can defend and that'll get you going in the flow more. Some nights your shot isn't going to go so there are other things you have to do."
Granger has spent the first part of the season feeling his way around because he's been used to having the freedom to shoot whenever he got the ball.
The Pacers, whose next game is Friday at Toronto, still want Granger to score, but they want him to do it while taking fewer shots. The Pacers no longer need Granger to carry the scoring load because they have a number of other players who can get it going offensively.
Now it's a matter of that message sinking in to Granger because he still has a tendency to try to do too much on offense.
"I think Danny is trying to share the ball," coach Frank Vogel said. "I think the last three games he's been trying to share the ball. He took a couple of frustration shots in Miami (on Jan. 4). That, to me, is human nature.
"The difference between Danny in the last three games opposed to the first four games in trying to share the ball and make the extra pass has been dramatic."