Gina Carano throws down with the X-Men in new 'Deadpool' clip

BY Damon Martin • February 1, 2016

Gina Carano may not be fighting in the Octagon any time soon but that doesn't mean she's not still hitting people really hard -- at least on screen.

Carano is one of the co-stars of the upcoming movie "Deadpool," in which she stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in an adaptation of the popular comic book character based in the "X-Men" universe.

Carano plays Angel Dust, and she has a hand in Deadpool's creation after he volunteers for a program that promises to save him from cancer so long as he submits to scientific tampering that will result with all new super powers.

In the clip released from the movie -- due out on Feb. 14 -- Carano battles Colossus from the X-Men before going one-one-one with Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand).

From the look of things, Carano hasn't lost a step when it comes to her ability to knock someone out or even take a punch -- from a mutant.