Georgia Tech Really Hates Georgia

Georgia Tech Really Hates Georgia

Published Jun. 18, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Lately you haven't had to hit Georgia's mascot with a car, they've been dropping like flies regardless.

Uga is the William Henry Harrison of mascots, uneasy lies the head with the studded collar.

Some blame inbreeding.

Others blame Mark Richt.


Somehow, inevitably, this will end up Mike Vick's fault.

In the meantime, golf clap.

If you've ever wondered what Uga would look like if he was hit by a car, you have your answer.

As a groomsman's cake no less.

This is the most impressive thing a Georgia Tech football fan has done since that one time in 1998 when one of them had sex in college.

I know, I know, you just want a close-up of Uga as roadkill.

My favorite part of this cake is the sign.

"To Hell with Georgia."

Because without that sign, well, it might have been confusing what message this cake was sending.

Regardless, those intestines look delicious.

Would you have eaten it if you'd been at the wedding?

I would have.

In fact, how many men reading this piece right now would be more excited about going to weddings if groomsmen's cakes in the South all insulted your most hated football rival?

(Raises hand).

In a method that manages to be both tasteless and tasty at the same time?

This is genius.