FSD Girl Lauren featured in Busted Coverage

March 26, 2013

DETROIT -- While Michigan prepares to face Kansas in the NCAA tournament Friday at Cowboys Stadium, FOX Sports Detroit Girl Lauren is defending her favorite team’s honor in a feature for Busted Coverage’s “FOX Sports Girl of the Week.”

When questioned about the last time a Michigan team played at Cowboys Stadium, Lauren tells Busted Coverage that the 41-14 rout at the hands of Alabama in football last September is a thing of the past; the basketball team "has been revitalized and the blowout win against VCU proves it!"

Lauren is a third of the FOX Sports Detroit Girls. She, Brittney and Stephanie are fan ambassadors for Detroit and their sports fans. All three hosts guide viewers through the outstanding lineup of live games and programming on FOX Sports Detroit.

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Each week, Busted Coverage will premiere a new FOX Sports Girls feature.

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