FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Draft Grades

Published Sep. 3, 2013 10:09 p.m. ET

If we don’t share the same last name, didn’t attend Bowling Green State University at the same time, you aren’t following me on Twitter or work outside my home office in Cincinnati, chances are you missed me co-hosting thee event of late-August-in-Southern-California-within-shouting-distance-of–the-Venice-Beach-boardwalk-between-6-7p.m.-PST.

*Deeeeep breath*

Yeah, that event! This guy knows what I’m talking about.

For the second straight year, the FOX Sports Girls, representing 11 different regions of the country, traveled to Los Angeles to take part in the 2013 FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Football Draft. FOX Sports Wisconsin, the newest region, along with sweepstakes winner Nate and his lovely wife Nicole participated in their first draft and increased the size of the league from 10 to 12 teams.

Unfortunately, the FOX Sports Southwest Girls, the team with the No. 1 overall pick, were unavailable to draft LIVE with us due to a prior commitment hosting pre-game festivities for the Dallas Cowboys. Everything is bigger in Texas including awesome broadcasting opportunities.

Through the power of social media, Texas Two Step sent in their first pick:



Here are my final grades with some analysis on the 2013 FOX Sports Girls Fantasy Football Draft:


FS Southwest (Texas Two Step)
Grade: B / B-minus
Analysis: I’m waiting on my gift basket for picking their name out of a hat to draft first.
After their first pick, Texas Two Step was placed on auto pick with the best available players coming off the board each round. So, they are stuck, at least for now, with Eddie Lacy at RB2 with AP, Cam Newton, Dez Bryant and Wes Welker leading the charge. It’s not a horrible roster, just wish there was more depth at running back.

FS South (Gritz Blitz)
Grade: A-minus
Analysis: This team is scary good. If Ahmad Bradshaw pans out and plays most of the season for the Colts, FS South has three solid running backs (Martin / Miller) along with Matt Ryan, A.J. Green and Rob Gronkowski. The Blitz fell short of winning the title in 2012, but has built a nice foundation in 2013.

FS Arizona (If the Shoe Fitz)
Grade: B
Analysis: The ladies went with Marshawn Lynch with the third overall pick. A few notches higher than the fantasy department’s final draft rankings. The next three rounds, Danielle and Mallory selected, Tom Brady, Demaryius Thomas and Jason Witten. So, they had to go with Daryl Richardson in the fifth round as their RB2. It looks as if they’ll be FLEXing out Lance Moore in the early-season.

FS Ohio (O-H Factor)
Grade: B-minus
Analysis: This team has a lot of potential, but until the Broncos’ coaching staff names Montee Ball their first-string running back, Sara and Kristine are rolling the dice at RB2. I did like their selections of Kenbrell Thompkins in the ninth round and Jordan Cameron in the 11th.

FS Florida (Sunshine Sweeties – Defending Champs)
Grade: B-minus
Analysis: They won last season, so who am I to doubt them. But their draft strategy of RB / WR / RB / WR wasn’t my first choice. Although I do believe Julio Jones and Randall Cobb could be two of the most explosive fantasy receivers in the game this year.

FS North (Purple Reign)
Grade: A-minus (no I’m not sucking up)
Analysis: Kaylin and Angie may have a slightly better team than Gritz Blitz, but I don’t give out many A’s. A four-pack of Jamaal Charles, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, and Andre Johnson to start the draft was impressive. They elected to go with Robert Griffin III, but were smart enough to insure the mobile quarterback with Ben Roethlisberger in the ninth round.

FS San Diego (Frighten Lighten Ladies)
Grade: B-plus
Analysis: Katie brought highlighters to the 2012 draft. She did not bring them in 2013. The future teacher-of-the-year was in charge of tutoring two rookie owners, Brie and Nathalie.

Although I should dock the team a few points for Nathalie’s appearance in Justin Bieber music video, I’ll let it slide this time. With Arian Foster slipping to the seventh-overall pick, the team was presented a gift early. Following that up with teammates Steven Jackson and Roddy White could present problems, but the Falcons’ high-powered offense could qualm those fears.

FS Midwest (River City Rampage)
Grade: B
Analysis: The success of Kayla’s and Teryn’s team will hinge on the success of their fourth-round pick, Eli Manning. His average draft position has been the seventh round in most leagues. So, it was a gutsy move to reach that high on him. I do like their duo of receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe. Both have new quarterbacks, new coaches and very high ceilings heading into the season.

FS Detroit (Detroit Pride)
Grade: B
Analysis: Angie was the first person to start discussing strategy – a day before the actual draft. Her and Stephanie elected to go with Johnson and Johnson in the first two rounds with hometown hero Calvin coming off the board before CJ2K in the second. In PPR league their roster would be golden with the selections of Darren Sproles and Tony Gonzalez later on. Golden Tate in the 10th round could be one of their smartest picks before it’s all said and done.

FS West (Girls Gone Fantasy)
Grade: B / B-plus
Analysis: The ladies elected to stick to the suggested strategy of drafting running backs in the first two rounds and landed Ray Rice (with the 10th overall pick / steal) and Matt Forte on the bounce back in the second. Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck better hook up early and often for FS West Girls to be content with their back-to-back picks in the third and fourth rounds.

FS Wisconsin (The Cheesehead Cuties)
Grade: B-plus
Analysis: We’ll work on the team name for 2014, but my favorite trio of real names, perhaps ever. Sage, Bishara and Chyna were new to the FOX Sports Girls Draft, but still came away with an impressive roster.

In one of the most dramatic moments of the evening, the Cuties elected to take running back Trent Richardson with the assumption Aaron Rodgers would be available with the 14th-overall pick. However, sweepstakes winner Nate sniped them with his second pick and took Rodgers on the bounce back. The emotion in the room was palpable.
However, they didn’t let it phase them with a selection of Drew Brees instead. It may be rookie running back Le’Veon Bell (foot sprain), now targeting a Week 2 return, in the 14th round that winds up as the steal of the draft.

Mr. McGibblets
Grade: B-plus
Analysis: Despite going with Rodgers to start the second round, Nate walked away with three definitive first-string running backs in Ridley, Wilson and McFadden. That’s not easy to do with a quarterback selection in the second round. He also picked two of my fantasy breakout players to watch, Chris Givens and T.Y. Hilton. He’s flirting with an A-minus, but never with any of the girls Nicole. Not to worry.