Football players injured after game

BY foxsports • October 5, 2011

Football can be a rough game, but few players expect injuries to occur after the game is over.

Players from the McClain (Ohio) High School football team had an unfortunate experience with postgame injuries after losing to Washington Court High School in a game last Friday. During the postgame handshake line, more than 25 players from McClain received pricks or scratches on their hands, according to the Wilmington News Journal.

McClain football player Michael Aeh said "we walked across the 50 yard line and supposedly one of the guys had tacks in his glove. Nobody knew about it. I was far back enough in the line that everyone started to turn around and I got out of the way."

Police Chief Tim Hester believes that a tack might have been used by a Washington student, who did not play in the football game, to injure the McClain players after the game.

McClain principal Dan Strain said "they felt the pain of it when it occurred and they thought maybe they had hit a nerve or something. Then some of them immediately looked at their hands and saw blood."

Strain indicated that the Highland County Health Department issued tetanus shots to the injured players.

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