Florida Gulf Coast Destroys Your Bracket With This Dunk

March 22, 2013

White men can jump.

Earlier this week we found out that Florida Gulf Coast University's Andy Enfield was married to a supermodel and inducted him into the OKTC hall of fame.

Tonight we found out that Andy Enfield has sold his soul to the devil, how else to explain a double digit win for a 15 seed over a 2 seed.

This may be the greastest white man to white man alley oop in NCAA history. Certainly it's the only one that didn't involve Duke. And certainly it was the only alley oop to come in the midst of a 15 seed upsetting a 2 seed. 



Chase Fieler with the dunk, Brett Comer with the pass.

Given the time in the game and the stakes, wow.

James Franklin will name Andy Enfield simultaneous offensive, defensive and recruiting coordinator by Sunday.