Emmitt Smith: Jerry Jones 'leverages everything for the betterment of Cowboys'

BY foxsports • February 25, 2014

As you may already know, today is the 25th anniversary of Jerry Jones purchasing the Dallas Cowboys.

Who better to share their thoughts on Jones than arguably the greatest player Jones has drafted.

During a phone conversation last Thursday, Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith had this to say when the topic turned to Jones' 25 years as owner.

"When I think of Jerry Jones I think of a brilliant, brilliant business man, a man that's a risk-taker, a man that has a tremendous mind for marketing and branding, a guy that leverages everything that he has for the betterment of the Dallas Cowboys and his family," Smith said. "A big-hearted guy that takes care of his football players, a guy that was very much willing to allow me to sit in his office and listen in on some of his business conversations so I could understand some business terms and some business things that he was doing and understand business from his perspective.

"He's just a guy that's a fun-loving guy. His family gave $1 million to the YET (Youth Education Town) program over in Arlington. They do tremendous work with the Salvation Army every year. They are givers in their own right. And they are tremendous visionaries. They're a great family to watch work together and they do a very good job of it. Charlotte does her thing, Stephen does his thing, Jerry Jr. is able to do his thing as well. From a family standpoint, they are all in it together. That's a wonderful thing to see."

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