Dribbles: Can Cavs continue fight? LeBron says yes

BY foxsports • June 11, 2015

CLEVELAND -- Random dribbles prior to Thursday's Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors:

1. LeBron James says he knows the Cavs are overmatched. Maybe that's why he watched "Teen Titans" at 2:30 in the morning following Game 3 -- for inspiration. Although, it sounds like it was more for rest.

2. LeBron on the Cavs' 2-1 lead and his heavy workload: "I know we're up 2-1. I know our team is fighting for our lives. We're undermanned, and we're fighting. That's all I know."

3. Like guard Matthew Dellavedova after Game 3, James received an IV after Game 2. Everyone is dehydrated, everyone is exhausted -- and everyone is plenty ready for Game 4. But do the Cavs have enough in the tank? They sure seem to think so.

4. More LeBron: "It's been a difficult challenge, a tough challenge. But I knew that. Being the leader of a team and a franchise, it's taxing. But I accept the challenge. I accept it all, and I'm OK with it."

5. The Cavs are actually getting some "rest" on offense. For all those complaining about using LeBron in isolation and shooting late in the shot clock, well, it's worked. It gives the Cavs a chance to catch their breath, and as Warriors coach Steve Kerr says, "it slows down the game." And a slower pace works in the Cavs' favor. Sometimes, offense can be a good defense.

6. Anyway, are you nervous? Do you wonder how much longer Delly can irrtate Warriors star Steph Curry, like Delly has been all series? Do you wonder if James can keep scoring 40 every night? And do you worry that Curry is tired of all this Dellavedova talk and is about to give a breakout performance?

7. Don't feel bad. Those are all natural worries. But if things don't go as well as they've been, just remember, a 2-2 tie isn't a death sentence. The Cavs still get another home game after Thursday if they lose. And if it comes down to a Game 7 on the road, I like LeBron James' odds.

8. In fact, I predicted before the Finals that the series would be tied at 2-all and go to a Game 7. And I predicted the Cavs would win that Game 7 on the road in the final moments. For the sake of all of Cleveland, though, I hope I'm wrong. For the sake of Cleveland, I hope the Cavs go up 3-1.

9. The best line ever about a 3-1 deficit comes from none other than Celtics legend Larry Bird. He uttered it in 1987, after Magic Johnson hit a buzzer-beating "junior junior skyhook" to give the Lakers a 3-1 lead in the Finals. Bird said: "I know when we're UP 3-1, I say it's over."

10. He was right, as the Celtics lost in six. And for the record, no one has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. I always say it's not over until someone wins four. But if I'm reading that as an everyday fan when my favorite team is up 3-1, my response would be: "Shut up, Amico. It's over."

11. So prediction for Game 4? Yeah, um, I have no clue. If the Cavs defend like the first three games, they'll win the title. I have zero doubt about that. I know the effort will be there. But can their bodies continue to match their hearts? If LeBron has a say, then the answer will be yes. But there are so many things that need to go right, on top of the outstanding effort, for this to happen for the Cavs.

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