D-backs disturbed by new leak regarding Dodgers' pool party

BY foxsports • September 24, 2013

SAN DIEGO -- Face it. What was one of the first things that came to mind when you heard the Los Angeles Dodgers occupied the Chase Field pool after winning the NL West last Thursday.

The Dodgers were giddy, liquored up and full of themselves.

At least some, apparently, too full.

According to veteran writer Tony Jackson at Dodgerscribe.com, some players "loudly bragged" about urinating in the Chase Field pool during the celebration that followed their 7-6 victory. Jackson did not name the culprits.

It was about as well-received in the D-backs' clubhouse as might be expected.

"My presumption was that if it was just based on having fun and celebrating, that's one thing," said D-backs right-hander Brandon McCarthy, who tweeted at the time that he pool party seemed to be no big deal.

"If you have some people going out of their way to be (expletives), that's a whole 'nother thing. If it is something where you are going out to be disrespectful, then that is kind of a simple 'Grow up.'"

"If they did that, shame on them," D-backs managing partner Ken Kendrick said.

"That's crude behavior. It's disappointing to hear. So they decided to pee on themselves. They were the only ones in the pool."

Manager Kirk Gibson:  "I think we can all agree it's inappropriate to pee in someone's pool.

Heath Bell said he will consider the report hearsay until a player comes forward to admit it, adding that he will be glad to test the water during the D-backs' final series of the home season against Washington Friday through Sunday.

"There's no floaties, and I don't think the pool is green," Bell said. "All the Arizona fans, hopefully they are perfectly fine to rent the pool the last weekend of the season and jump in it. I'll go swimming with them and show that it is perfectly fine.

"It's a crazy world if it happened."

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