Cuban: 100 percent chance we make a trade

Cuban: 100 percent chance we make a trade

Published Jan. 13, 2013 9:09 p.m. ET

From Rudy Gay to DeMarcus Cousins to Pau Gasol, there are plenty of names rumored to be on the block as the NBA approaches the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

And Mark Cuban has become vocal in just how active his team will be over the next five weeks.

"There's a 100 percent chance we'll do something," the Mavericks owner said in an interview with The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko.

The struggling Mavericks, at 15-23, have put together a couple of wins and are starting to show signs of improvement, but with a roster full of one-year contracts, no one outside of Dirk Nowitzki is guaranteed to stay in Dallas. And if the right deal comes along, the Mavs will be ready to pounce.

"There's nobody in particular we're looking to get off or anything," Cuban said. "But we put ourselves in position where I'm willing to take back money. If it's the right deal, I'll take back everything."

The Mavericks missed out on their top free agent this summer, Deron Williams, and failed to bring in Dwight Howard from Orlando before he ended up in Los Angeles. The Mavericks did not panic, though, instead building their roster this season with short-term deals, allowing them to keep their financial flexibility for next summer ... or a big midseason trade.

"There are very few one-off deals that you can make that put you over the top," Cuban said. "You got to be careful (you don't) cut off your nose to spite your face. At the same time, we're going to be opportunistic."