Crowd Goes Wild set to launch with a bang

BY foxsports • July 24, 2013

Unpredictable, unconventional and irreverent are three adjectives that describe CROWD GOES WILD, FOX Sports 1's new, original sports discussion and analysis program, and all most-definitely describe five eclectic personalities named today to join renown host Regis Philbin when the show premieres on Monday, Aug. 19.

Veteran Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay; professional tennis player turned comedian Michael Kosta; two-time Super Bowl Champion and four-time Pro Bowl defensive end Trevor Pryce; and Sky Sports host and news anchor Georgie Thompson, along with personality and YouTube sensation Katie Nolan serving as digital correspondent, team with Regis to come at the day's sports news and issues with conversation more lively, more entertaining and less argumentative than current offerings.

"There are sports news shows, debate shows and shows that present a single point-of-view, but CROWD GOES WILD is aiming for a fresh approach," said Executive Producer Michael Davies. "CROWD GOES WILD is going to live in the moment, presenting multiple points of view, with the conversation often influenced by the audience through social interaction. Regis, Jason, Michael, Trevor, Georgie and Katie will embrace the freedom and spontaneity this free-flowing, less staid, format offers and I have no doubt fans will too."

In addition to featuring conversation directed by its panelists' contrasting viewpoints and social interaction with viewers, the alternative CROWD GOES WILD (@CGW) welcomes in-studio guests from sports and entertainment, and incorporates every asset FOX Sports offers, ranging from live satellite interviews with on-air personalities to cast members serving as correspondents at major events.

"All over sports television, it's easy to find people arguing with each other or pontificating over the topics of the day, and it doesn't come across as being much fun, or often that authentic," added Davies. "Clearly, there's another approach, which more closely mirrors the multiple points of view held by fans, bloggers, journalists and athletes across the sports landscape, and where we can have some fun and create some entertainment while debating the big games, the major players and the hottest stories."

The hour-long CROWD GOES WILD airs live weekdays (5:00-6:00 PM ET) on FOX Sports 1, America's new sports network launching Aug. 17.  The program originates from Chelsea Piers Studios in New York City, and is produced before a studio audience by Embassy Row Productions.

Embassy Row President and CROWD GOES WILD Executive Producer Michael Davies on the show's format: "The format is going to be governed by what is actually going on in the sports world. We will start with Regis talking at the top of the show about what he did last night, talking about what is going on in the world of sports and what's in the news cycle. That will immediately create debate and no doubt opinions. Each of our cast members will get a chance to talk about what's going on in there world from their point of view and the things they have been watching. We have a number of surprises in store and many of those surprises are for Regis."

Host Regis Philbin: "I have loved sports, I really have. I follow it relentlessly and frankly in the talk shows where I would have the first 15 minutes to whatever I wanted to talk about co-hosts don't accept sports that easily."

Social Media correspondent Katie Nolan: "Obviously it's a great opportunity for me because I was on You Tube and now I'm sitting next to Regis Philbin. We have done a few things together already and we get along and play off each other really well. With incorporating the audience and the fans into the show I think we're really going to do something unique."