CP3 reminisces about trade to Clippers three years ago

BY foxsports • December 16, 2014

Do you remember where you were when the Clippers traded for Chris Paul?

It was three years ago Monday that the Clippers catapulted into a contending team by trading for the All-Star point guard.

Memories of that day bring smiles and laughs to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers faithful and such.

That's how "Lob City" got started after all, when Griffin learned from teammate DeAndre Jordan that Paul was their new teammate at an appearance. The fun reaction was all caught on tape.

Griffin now had an All-Star point guard giving him the ball.

"We were at a team appearance. Blake and I didn't know we were being recorded," Jordan said. "That's how the whole 'Lob City' thing started. We were really excited. Still are.

"I said, 'I think we just got Chris Paul.' He was like, 'what? Oh, CP3, we're about to get lobs!' I was like, 'yeah, it's going to be good.' Chris has helped us so much, our growth, both me and Blake, even our whole team, the organization. With him, we shot up to a different level."

Paul sure remembers the day after that trade. "I got a ticket the next day I got here for driving and talking on my cellphone," Paul said. "I didn't know it was hands-free. I told him I just got traded. They didn't care. I do remember that."

Paul was in a postgame news conference alongside Griffin on Monday after the Clippers turned back Detroit, 113-91. The duo has its own "BGCP3TV" comedy sketch series, but this was impromptu fun.

After Paul's story about the ticket, Griffin - imitating a police officer - said: "What? Are you new here?"

That police officer is one of the few who has slowed Paul since his arrival in Los Angeles. Paul has been a great fit for the Clippers, who won a franchise-best 57 games last year.

Doc Rivers, then coaching the Boston Celtics, remembers Dec. 15, 2011, too.

"It created a lot of things," Rivers said. "Look at the other end in New Orleans, whether they're happy or not, I don't know. I would probably say no. I'm not sure.

"It affected three teams, not just two teams. Listen, Blake was already here. He needed someone else. Then when Chris came, that solidified that the Clippers had a chance."

Paul is trying to help the Clippers win an NBA championship for the first time in organization history. He's also trying to lead the Clippers past the second round of the playoffs, which was where they lost in the playoffs in 2012 (to San Antonio) and 2014 (to Oklahoma City).

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