Cowboys coach tries his hand at storytelling

BY foxsports • September 28, 2012

When you see Jason Garrett on the Cowboys' sideline Monday night, it's a good bet that he's not going to be chewing out a player or swearing at a referee on national television. That's not Garrett's style.
The Cowboys head coach seems to practice what he preaches and his message is consistency, never too high and never too low.
A good example of how Garrett carries himself behind the scenes can be viewed in this YouTube clip that was posted Wednesday. Garrett appears to be delivering a motivational message to a group at the Nike WinForever Workshop.
Instead of hearing Garrett talk about his team needing to have passion, emotion and enthusiasm – like he typically does at Valley Ranch – the Cowboys coach tells an interesting story that includes a monk, lions, tigers, rats, snakes and strawberries.
Sure, that sounds strange right now, but after watching the clip it'll all make sense.