Chopcast: Former D-backs excelling for Braves

Chopcast: Former D-backs excelling for Braves

Published Apr. 19, 2013 6:50 p.m. ET

ATLANTA — When taking a cross-country glance at the Diamondbacks, it is tough to feel sorry for the organization. The team is 9-6 and has scored the ninth-most runs (75) in baseball entering Friday's games, even more than the Braves.

But still, when looking at what the organization gave up to Atlanta this past offseason — outfielder Justin Upton and Chris Johnson — it's also tough not to wonder if they made a mistake. Upton leads the majors with nine home runs. Johnson leads the majors with a .438 batting average, 25 points higher than the next closest guy.

That early season production from both Atlanta newcomers has played a pivotal role in pushing the Braves from being a playoff team to a distinctive World Series contender. Not too many can say the same for the Diamondbacks at this point.

To rehash a week that saw the Braves' 10-game winning streak come to an end against the Royals — a 1-0 loss that did not statistically disrupt what has been baseball's best pitching staff to date — the Chopcast team invited special guest Josh (better known by his alias, Braves Meme Guy, on Twitter) to talk about the hot start, the powerful lineup and his favorite new subject, Evan Gattis.

Here are a few of the highlights:

-- Which Braves player has made for the best/most inspiration meme subject?

-- With Evan Gattis coming off another game-winning home run, what is there to make of his story so far?

-- Julio Teheran's rookie "struggles" continued against the Pirates, giving up four runs in five innings. How much patience should the organization have with him this season? Is the perception of his slow start exacerbated by the rest of the rotation's dominance? (Keep in mind: the Braves have not lost a game he's started in 2013.)

-- Did Frank Wren know what he was getting by throwing in Johnson in the Upton trade?

-- Is it acceptable to punish children through memes, i.e. social scolding?

-- Is the upcoming Braves-Tigers series a World Series preview? (Warning: Do not suggest this around on certain Chopcast member.)