Chiefs fan group is determined to out-loud Seahawks crowd

BY foxsports • September 19, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Oh, Ty Rowton heard you, Seattle fans.
And you know what? He doesn't give a frappe.
"Honestly, I didn't really care what Seattle did," the longtime Kansas City Chiefs fan told"Personally, I wanted them to set the record, because then it just ups the ante."
That ante? A Guinness World Record for the loudest cheer at an outdoor sports stadium -- a mark that Rowton and his Facebook group, "Terrorhead Returns," want to claim for Kansas City.
For Chiefs fans, a new bar was set this week: 136.6 decibels. That was the crowd noise official measurement at CenturyLink Field during the third quarter of a victory over the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday night, shattering the old Guinness mark of 131.76, which had been set two years earlier at a soccer match in Turkey.
In fact, Seahawks fans set the record twice, registering a mark of 131.9 decibels earlier in the contest.
"They set the bar, and we're going to go smash 'em and prove that we're still the king of the mountain," said Rowton, one of several Chiefs fans who founded "Terrorhead" as a response to Seattle's pursuit of the noise record.
"They can build a stadium to try and make the stadium sound louder, but we're going to make it sound like it does in the Midwest."
The Chiefs and Rowton's group have finalized a date to try to top Seattle's screams: Oct. 13, when the rival Oakland Raiders visit Arrowhead Stadium.
"We know what the mark is, and we're doing everything in our power to make sure the game is sold out," Rowton said. "We need 80,000 fans there, and now we're empowering the fans."
Rowton said the Chiefs organization has done everything in their power, too, including handling the costs for an official Guinness adjudicator to fly in for the game and making sure that the right sound-measuring equipment is on hand.
Now he's just hoping for a full house -- Arrowhead boasts a capacity of 76,416, compared to 67,000 at CenturyLink -- that's ready to show up in full voice.
"Our voices and our passion totally blows away Seattle's passion," Rowton said. "And we'll get 'er done. And I believe in Arrowhead. Chiefs Nation, they're the best fans in the NFL."
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