Browns quickly throw cold water on Winslow rumors

March 25, 2013

With Brandon Weeden reminding some fans of 2007 flash-in-the-pan Derek Anderson, why not bring back Braylon Edwards and  Kellen Winslow so that Chud can re-create his old glory?
Because, um, "no", that's why.
A small level of hubbub appeared over the last 24 hours when Winslow claimed on the NFL AM radio program that a reunion with Chudzinski in Cleveland was possible. Via

Winslow said on NFL AM that Browns coach Rob Chudzinski, who coached him at the University of Miami, is interested in bringing him back to Cleveland. He also said the Raiders are still interested, and the Panthers have reached out as well.

Given that Chudzinski had experience with Winslow at both Miami and when he was offensive coordinator in Cleveland, such rumors seemed within the realm of distant probability. 
Those possibilities seemed very distant, given the Browns apparent lack of interest in anyone over the age of 27 (exhibit 1: Ben Watson). Winslow will be 30 in July. He also appeared in only one game last season.
Fortunately, the Browns were quickly in contact with the Cleveland Plain Dealer and hurriedly tossed as much cold water as possible on the prospect before talk radio could carve them up:

Despite what former Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. said today on NFL Network, the Browns are not interested in signing him and haven't contacted anyone about doing so.

Crisis averted. Back to your normal activities. Nothing to see here. 
- Barry