Boston lacrosse team's stunt irks fans

BY foxsports • January 16, 2011

The National Lacrosse League’s Boston Blazers Sunday promised there would be changes to its halftime entertainment after fans became enraged at seeing the team's mascot receiving lap dances in the middle of the field.

A local radio disc jockey emceed the first of what was reported to be a season-long lap dance contest at the indoor lacrosse team’s home opener Saturday night, local news website reported.

The Blazers’ mascot Scorch seated himself near midfield while three contenders took turns to perform the raunchy one-on-one routines.

The women, who were reportedly not affiliated with the team, did not actually remove their clothes -- but fans complained the antics emulated the sort of moves more commonly associated with a strip club.

On Sunday, Blazers president and general manager Doug Reffue said the show was not carried out as intended and that processes were in place to ensure there would be no repeat in the future.

“The Boston Blazers halftime act for Saturday’s game was clearly not executed according to plan,” Reffue wrote on Facebook.

“We are extremely disappointed with elements of the halftime show.

“We had intended to provide an entertaining and fun halftime environment for our fans and that is not what transpired," Reffue added. "We have already taken steps to ensure this never happens again at one of our games.”

Angry fans vented their anger on the team's Facebook page following the game with one calling the halftime act “an absolute disgrace to the Blazers.”

“Disgusting, appauling, shocking and completely the wrong place,” one fan wrote on the Blazers’ Facebook page. “I would guess that close to 1/2 of your audience were children last nite. PR dept, management, owners....are you ok with children seeing a lap dance.??!!..and at a "family friendly" sporting event.”

“Brand new season ticket holder here," another fan wrote. "I brought my ten and seven year old to the game and was just appaulled by the half time lap dance contest. You try explaining to my kids about what they were doing to the mascot. If this continues I will be asking for a refund of my season tickets. I was promised great action and family fun. Not strip bar antics.”

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