Blizzard will force Packers fans into action

December 20, 2012

GREEN BAY, Wis. — A foot of snow accumulating Thursday and blizzard conditions throughout northern and central Wisconsin will once again give Green Bay Packers fans an opportunity to shovel out Lambeau Field.

"We've had like 10 or 11 inches before, but this could be one of the bigger ones," director of facility operations Ted Eisenreich said in a phone interview.

On Friday morning, by which time the snow is expected to stop falling, the Packers are asking for up to 600 fans (ages 15 and up) to help remove the snow from the stadium.

Eisenreich estimated that it will take a total of six or seven hours to finish clearing the snow.

"Some people work a couple hours and go, but some die-hard fans are here until the very end," Eisenreich said.

Shovels are provided, as is $10 per hour pay wage, but as usual, it will be first come, first served. Earlier this year, just two days before a Jan. 15 Packers playoff game, 1,200 people showed up to remove the snow from Lambeau Field. However, only 450 of them were needed, leaving the other 750 without a shovel or the extra money.

"We're bringing in 600 people this time just because it's more snow, and it's a wetter, heavier snow," Eisenreich said. "It's the old cliche: 'Many hands make quick work,' so this way we're not killing anyone and it's easier on everybody."

The Packers are asking fans to report to the west side of Lambeau Field beginning at 8 a.m. Friday, though it's possible that may not be early enough to be guaranteed a spot. The last time the team did this, the line to get in was already wrapped around the stadium by that time.

"For the most part, people are excited about it," Eisenreich said. "They're coming out for a variety of reasons. Some of them it's their only opportunity to get into Lambeau Field. Some are just huge Packers and want to help the team."

Green Bay's final home regular-season game is this Sunday at noon against the Tennessee Titans.

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