Berkman back in lineup despite sore knee

BY foxsports • April 19, 2013

ARLINGTON, Texas – Lance Berkman was back in the Texas lineup Friday night at designated hitter.

Berkman, who didn't play in Chicago, said he could play first base for the Rangers if the club needed him to.

But his surgically repaired right knee may not make that a wise move.

"I think I could do it," said Berkman, who had two surgeries on his right knee last year. "I have had some trouble with (right) knee being sore just from DHing so I'm a little bit hesitant to say ‘Yeah I can run out there two, three, four nights in a row.' But if you said you absolutely have to have you play first base for a game, I could do it."

Berkman said the knee soreness he has is nothing new. He said his knees felt fine in spring training but don't feel as good now. Mother Nature could be to blame.

"Some of that's probably the weather conditions we've been playing in," Berkman said. "It's been cold, wet, barometric pressure, all of those things. They definitely have an impact."

Berkman, who is hitting .389 on the season, has played in just one of the last four games for Texas. He's not sure how that layoff will impact his timing at the plate.

"Something that breaks your rhythm it is going to take a little time to get back," he said. "Sometimes it comes right back. Sometimes it takes a little bit. I'm curious to know that answer myself."

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