Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong?

BY foxsports • July 27, 2013

As Lance Armstrong's athletic achievements have been publically disgraced, it's at least always made for a compelling story. Now, that story is coming to the big screen.

Actor Ben Foster has been tabbed to play Lance in the movie and is currently in "final talks" to secure the role, according to

Foster is a relatively little-known actor. He starred in the "The Messenger" alongside Woody Harrelson and also appeared in "3:10 to Yuma."

The script for the movie, which apparently covers Armstrong's career from his cancer fight through the scandal that ultimately cost him his seven Tour de France titles, was written by John Hodge, who is most famous for writing the script for "Trainspotting."

Did Hollywood do well? Here's a split-screen look at the resemblance:

(Getty Images)

The film will have some competition. Of all people, noted science fiction director/producer J.J. Abrams has reportedly won the movie rights to an upcoming book about Armstrong.