Baylor's new all-gold helmet steals show at media day

BY foxsports • July 23, 2013

DALLAS -- Baylor head coach Art Briles may have said some good things about the Bears at the Big 12 Media Days, but unfortunately for him, their new dazzling, all-gold chrome helmet stole the show.

Before Day 2 of the media days press conferences began the normal Baylor football helmet was on the platform along with the other schools featured on Tuesday. Minutes before Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops took the stage, first to speak in the news conference for the day, the numerous reporters in attendance became fixated on the golden orb making its way to the front of the room that replaced the typical Bears helmet.

Just like that, the golden helmet became the hit of the day.

It only took five questions before one reporter had to comment the helmet during Briles' news conference, asking what the players' and the coaches' reaction were to it.

"Well, there's two shiny things up here," Briles said with a grin. "That helmet and my head probably."

From Briles' perspective, the golden helmet means more than just looking great on the field, it all has to do with Baylor's image.

 "The new uniforms and all that stuff, it's tied in with presenting the image that we are at Baylor," Briles said. "That's being really good football players, really good students, at a really good university."

With a new flashy look for the Baylor football team, Briles hopes it can send a message to the other schools in the nation.

"You got style, you got attitude, you got effort," Briles said. "You have an image, and our image is we're going to play fast, we're going to be fearless, and we're not going to worry about what other people think because we know who we are and we know what we're going to do."