Awkward! Allmendinger 'finds out' from Twitter that spotter is leaving

BY foxsports • February 3, 2015

Did AJ Allmendinger really share an awkward moment on Twitter with his spotter? Scratch that, his FORMER spotter?

On Monday, Josh Williams shared the news about his new gig with Ryan Blaney and the No. 21 team. 

That -- apparently -- was news to AJ.

Was he really shocked? Turns out the two were just joking around and have been discussing the move for weeks. Williams made sure that Allmendinger was the first to know about his new gig. 

It fooled us. And thanks to a post on, others in the NASCAR community also thought the exchange was real ... including Dale Earnhardt Jr. and FOX NASCAR's Kenny Wallace.

No harm, no foul. All a part of offseason fun. 

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