Attack dogs, head kicks and pho: All in a days work for Cung Le

BY foxsports • August 14, 2014

Before Cung Le heads to China to face off with Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night from Macau, he let the folks from Celebrity Sweat follow him around during a typical day in his life although nothing this guy does is typical.

Le is well known for his off the wall kicks and style that made him one of the most thrilling fighters to ever compete in Strikeforce and now he brings that special brand of martial arts to the Octagon as well.  

But his day doesn't start out at the gym, instead he's off to a local attack dog training center where there's very little chance Le is going to come out of the fight as the winner.  From there, Le lets the folks from Celebrity Sweat follow along to one of his favorite eateries to have some traditional Viatnamese pho as he discusses his diet and nutrition ahead of fights.

Finally, Le heads to the gym where he explores some of his signature moves along with his head coach.  This is a day in the life of Cung Le like you've never seen before. 

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