Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Reunite In Hysterical Video

BY foxsports • March 5, 2015

The movie "Happy Gilmore" is 19 years old. Nineteen! College freshman and sophomores have been born since this movie was made. Damn, we're all getting old.

It's probably the funniest movie Adam Sandler ever made other than "Billy Madison" -- I know, I know "Waterboy" gives it a run too -- and the best scene in a movie filled with them -- fun fact, remember that Julie Bowen from "Modern Family" is Sandler's love interest -- is the fight scene between Sandler and Bob Barker.

"The price is wrong, bitch," is still an iconic line.

Well, Barker and Sandler reprised their roles nearly a generation later and the result is still pure gold.

Watch this:

Now tell me that you don't really want a "Happy Gilmore 2."

Oh, and here's the original scene. Still fantastic after almost twenty years. 

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