Aaron Rodgers: Rookie or vet, get open and I'll throw you the ball

BY foxsports • October 16, 2013

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- In this week's media session, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed how the loss of Randall Cobb impacts him and the offense, what he's preparing for in the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns and much more.

Here are five question-and-answer highlights from the interview with Rodgers:

1. What do you expect out of the guys (WR Myles White and TE Jake Stoneburner) who came up from the practice squad?

RODGERS: "Well, I expect them to be ready to play if they're asked to play. Those guys are both very well coached. They care about getting better. We've all seen some marked improvement with both of those guys from the start of their time with us to now. I think it's exciting that those guys get their opportunity. I remember when I was a young player working on the scout team, my biggest thrill was to see those guys raised up to the active roster, because I knew what they could do at practice. It's exciting to watch those guys and see them make plays and talk to the defensive guys about how they're giving them some fits, and then see them get opportunities, that's enjoyable. I'll be throwing them the football if they're out there and they'll be ready to play."

2. You've always said you'll throw to the open guy, but is it natural at all that when times are tough that your first look might be to the guys you know better? Is it hard to fight that internal instinct?

RODGERS: "Not when you're an old, grizzled vet like myself. I've played a lot of football. Each play has a particular read or a side of the field you start with. I like to go through my progressions and throw to the open guy. Now, there may be a case where a certain player might be more open than other guys, I might give him an early look. But I like to throw it to open guys and to guys wearing our colors."

3. Is it a sigh of relief at all that there's a possibility of getting Cobb back late in the season (Week 15)?

RODGERS: "I don't know about sigh of relief. It's frustrating we're not going to have him for a while. Difficult injury considering the circumstances but excited at some point he will be back, but we're going to miss him for eight weeks."

4. What is the biggest challenge as a quarterback now that Cobb is out?

RODGERS: "Well, it's just fighting the urge to press the issue. I think you learn as you play in this game, especially the last couple weeks, you have to be patient. I think you're always learning as a quarterback. If the last couple weeks have taught me anything, it's just a reminder to let the game come to you. Big plays are going to be there if you be patient. We were able to make some big plays in the passing game the last couple weeks in the late-third and fourth quarters, and when we had to have some drives Sunday, we made those plays. You just have to fight the urge to force the football into people and live to fight another day. The way our defense is playing right now, like I said on my radio show, it's going to be a different type, potentially a different type of game. It may not be the prettiest sight, but we just care about winning."

5. Is there anything that the Browns do that will challenge your weak spots?

RODGERS: "I think their coordinator and their style of play challenges every team they play. They give you multiple looks on the backend. It's going to be a back-and-forth battle. I don't see this as being a one-sided affair at all. This is a tough, tough matchup for us. We're going to have to play our best football to score points."

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