110 Sports Podcast: Jay Bilas

110 Sports Podcast: Jay Bilas

Published Apr. 24, 2013 10:41 a.m. ET

ESPN's Jay Bilas talks with Matt this week about the last college basketball season. He also discusses what needs to change in the sport, conference expansion, his new book and favorites for next season. Plus, he comments on the ongoing situation with Arizona and the Pac-12.
Among his observations:

On the last season in college basketball: "I'm really left with the fact that we've got a great game that has not been administered very well, and I think the game has slipped a little, it's in a little bit of trouble. We need to make some changes in it for the good of the game."

On the Arizona/Pac-12 ongoing story: "I think it speaks to the larger issue that officiating is a mess right now. I think that John Adams, the supervisor of officials for the NCAA, has done a really good job, but he doesn't have enough authority ... I think we have to have one standard in officiating; for better or worse they need to answer to one authority just like they do in the NBA and the NFL, it works really well in those instances."

On Sun Devil basketball: "If the people there are smart, and I believe that they are, they will stick with Herb Sendek through this because he's built programs before, and I think he's put some really good things in place at Arizona State."

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